Death Grips Walk Off Stage Mid-Set After Fans Throw Glowsticks

There have been a number of incidents at the band's recent tour stops ranging from strange costumes to public urination.

Tim Mosenfelder / FilmMagic

It should go without saying that you shouldn't throw things at people, but some fans at a recent Death Grips show didn't get the memo.

As the experimental hip-hop band finishes up their North American tour, frontman MC Ride was pelted with glow sticks at a tour stop in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In videos shared online, the band got fed up and walked off the stage halfway through the show.

so apparently at the death grips show in AR tonight they just left midset because kids kept throwing shit at them. what is with ppl acting like this? bands are not robots and getting pelted with shit hurts. if you were moshing like youre supposed to this wouldnt happen

— Rodney (@SkinnyTuna) October 14, 2023
Twitter: @SkinnyTuna

This isn't the first incident on the band's tour that has raised concerns over fan etiquette. A post recent went viral detailing someone urinating in the moshpit at the band's Philadelphia tour stop.


There have also been multipe reports of sexual harassment and injuries at the shows.

In less stinky incidents, multiple people have taken a meme about what outfit to wear to the show seriously, and now there's multiple spottings of people in propeller hats and lollipops.

Man I love death grips. Their concert at the Filmore in New Orleans was the best!

Shout out to the only other person in a propeller hat and the guy recording with a 3DS.

— Haruko Meyer (@MeyerHaruko) October 5, 2023
Twitter: @MeyerHaruko

Death Grips have become one of the most celebrated and mythologized bands of the past decade due to their mysterious nature. Their active online fanbase has led to the band being seen as a meme.

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