Azealia Banks Takes Shots At Kreayshawn On Twitter

A Twitter beef to start off the year.

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Earlier today, Kreayshawn retweeted the adult site Pornhub, which sent out a message saying, "Have you guys heard @AzealiaBank's "212"? I guess that cunt gettin' eaten'." The tweet was a playful reference to the raunchy lyrics of Azealia's song and included a link to the "212" video.

Retweeting the message didn't seem like a malicious move on Kreay's part, but apparently Azealia didn't like what she saw. The Harlem rapper fired a couple shots directly at Kreay, tweeting: "@KREAYSHAWN you think you're funny?" Whether or not Kreayshawn responded, we saw no evidence of a response on her timeline.

Minutes later, Azealia went back in on with "@KREAYSHAWN You're a dumb bitch. And you can't rap. I'll sit on your face. ... Fall back slut."

She soon followed her initial shots with "Lol. This is how bitches wanna start the new year? They want their mics ate this early?" Then she added, "Omfg. Why fuck with me tho? What have I ever said about you or done to you for that matter?" Azealia finally ended the rant with, "Ok. Ok. I'm done. This is silly."

While it's still unclear what the drama is all about, we have a feeling we'll be hearing more about this exchange. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: It seems as though Kreayshawn is just as confused as we are, and doing her best not to fan the flames. She tweeted this:

Soon after, that tweet disappeared and she wrote:

UPDATE 2: Azealia comes back with the now deleted tweets:

And the exchange ends (for now) with:

UPDATE 3: Pornhub sees what they unintentionally started:

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