Tiësto and Karol G Come Together on New Track and Video “Don’t Be Shy”

Tiësto and Karol G team up in the Christian Breslauer-directed, 'Night at the Museum'-inspired visuals for their new party song "Don't Be Shy."

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Karol G and Tiësto have joined forces for their new club-centric track, “Don’t Be Shy,” which also comes with cinematic visuals that match the energy of the song.

In the clip directed by Christian Breslauer, comedian Blake Webber plays a humble museum janitor who suddenly finds himself in a Night at the Museum situation when Karol G animates from a painting and begins to turn the quiet archival space into a party. As the scenes switch with each verse of the song, the video appropriately closes with Webber waking up and realizing it was all just a dream.

When explaining how “Don’t Be Shy” came together, Tiësto told Zane Lowe on Apple 1 Music that he’s always wanted to work with Karol G.

“Well, I always liked her voice and I wanted to work with some different artists and we just sent her the song and see what she thought of it,” he explained. “And she actually wants to sing in English and she made the sound… The original vocal, it’s a male vocal, right? Like three or four. So just as high, but pretty pitched up. So it didn’t sound as good. She recorded the vocal and it sounded incredible. It made a huge difference. If you hear the original demo versus Karol G, it’s like 60% difference. So yeah.”

Karol G echoed his sentiments, saying she had been a fan of his her whole life, and that she was excited to challenge herself by doing “Don’t Be Shy” in English.

“So he sent me a song and it was crazy because the song is completely in English,” she says. “It’s my first time like doing something like that. It’s my first time like singing in English. So I am super excited to have this opportunity between Tiesto and I. It’s different language, it’s a different kind of music that I do. So I feel like super honored and super anxious and super nervous to see how everything’s going to come up.”

Watch the cinematic visuals for Tiësto and Karol G’s song “Don’t Be Shy” up top.

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