The Best New Music This Week: 6lack, EST Gee, Lil Keed, Doechii, and More

Complex's best new music this week includes songs from 6lack, EST Gee, Lil Keed, and more. Read about our favorites, and listen to our playlist.

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best new music march 17 lead image

The weather is finally starting to get warmer as we draw closer to Spring, and the new music is heating up with the climate. 6lack dropped a new single from his heavily anticipated upcoming album, Fatal Attraction, Lil Keed’s estate released the late Atlanta rapper’s posthumous album, Keed Talk To ‘Em 2, and EST Gee unveiled his sophomore studio record, MAD. This week's list also includes a flurry of impressive releases from Doechii, Childish Gambino, T-Pain, and more.

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6lack, "Fatal Attraction"

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Where does accountability come into play when lust is the driving force for your actions? 6lack toils with that question on his latest single, “Fatal Attraction,” from his upcoming album, Since I Have A Lover. “I can make one night feel like a whole damn life/Get rid of that strife,” the Atlanta singer croons on the song's hook. “Fatal Attraction” highlights a different complexion of love’s infinite hues. Both parties recognize that their relationship is toxic but continue pursuing it because they mesh well. 6lack’s latest single further confirms that his upcoming project will explore the different colors of affection uniquely.

EST Gee, "The One and Only"

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EST Gee might be the president of making menacing raps, and “The One and Only” off his latest studio album, MAD, gives credence to that title. On the track, Gee makes it clear that he revels in bringing anguish to his opposition, coming out the gate boasting that he’s “supporting the household” when he steals his enemies partner’s and gives them money to take home. As the title of the project suggests, every bar that the Louisville rapper spits on “The One and Only” sounds laced with venom and aimed to hit the sore spots of all his opponents. And based on Gee’s emphatic flow and delivery, he hasn’t missed yet.

Doechii "What It Is (Block Boy)"

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Doechii is a woman of culture, so it makes sense that the Florida multi-hyphenate interloped the southern classic “Some Cut” for her new track “What It Is.” “What it is, hoe. What’s up/Every good girl needs a little thug,” she harmonizes, opting to show off her vocal chops instead of her lyrical ability on the song. The song's original version features Kodak Black, but Doechii received some backlash for his inclusion, given Black’s history of violence outside of music. Kodak’s version added well-paced bars, but even without him, “What It Is” demonstrates just how layered and talented Doechii is.

Lil Keed f/ Young Thug, "All I Wanna Know"

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Lil Keed and Young Thug had a chemistry that cannot be replicated, and that energy can be felt in the late Atlanta rapper’s song “All I Wanna Know” from his posthumous album, Keed Talk To ‘Em 2. Utilizing gentle piano keys to line the beat, Keed and Thug take turns rapping about how they show love to their significant others. Still, the compassion they rhyme about was also present in their relationship. Both Keed and Thug’s presence are missed in Atlanta, but “All I Wanna Know” makes the rappers feel closer to home.

Ni'jah f/ Childish Gambino & KIRBY, "Sticky"

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Donald Glover and Janine Nabers’ latest series Swarm has just hit Amazon Prime video, and so has a self-titled EP to coincide with the show and a new song from Glover, Kirby, and Ni’jah. Ni’jah is the name of the fictional super-stan character from the show (which centers around people’s unhealthy obsession with celebrities). While Swarm itself is anything but sweet, listening to “Sticky” would lead one to believe that the new show is all warm vibes and flowers. Gambino delivers smooth melodies on the song’s hook, while KIRBY and Ni’jah take over both verses. The guitar strings add an ominous sound to the song that matches the show's tone.

T-Pain, "A Change is Gonna Come"

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If T-Pain’s vocal chops were ever in question, his 2015 Tiny Desk concert should have closed that debate, but his latest project of strictly covers, On Top of The Covers, ends discussions for good. Covering a variety of songs, from Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin,” Pain’s cover of Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come” might be the most impressive. The Tallahassee multi-hyphenate puts his vocal range on full display and not only keeps pace with the melodic heights that the song demands but also adds his own flavor to it. T-Pain can sing; it’s as simple as that.

Diddy, Metro Boomin, The Weekend, and 21 Savage, "Creepin" Remix

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Metro Boomin enlists the talents of billionaire triple OG Diddy to assist him on the “Creepin” remix off his latest album, Heroes & Villains. The music mogul doesn’t take a backseat with his added contribution to the track, he instead delivers a rare verse and drops adlibs throughout The Weeknd and 21 Savage’s respective portions. Diddy’s inclusion makes sense since “Creepin” is basically a cover of another song birthed during the Bad Boys era, Mario Winans’ “I Don’t Wanna Know.” Diddy also makes a cameo appearance in the original music video for that track.

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