'BET Uncut' Is Returning and People are Excited

As Valentine’s Day is about to arrive, BET has decided to reboot their 'BET: Uncut' program for the romantic holiday weekend and people are excited.


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As Valentine’s Day is about to arrive, BET has decided to reboot their BET: Uncut programming for the romantic holiday weekend only.

“We are bringing #BETUncut back temporarily all week long for Valentines Day weekend,” BET tweeted, announcing Uncut’s return. “Completely uncensored conversations about any and anything you want!”

Back in the day, BET: Uncut ran from 2000 to 2006 and aired on the weekends at 3 a.m. where it would show lightly censored music videos that were out during that time. Not suitable for daytime television, BET: Uncut allowed for the raunchier music videos of the early 2000’s to get their shine without any heavy censorship.  It wasn’t until Nelly’s music video for “Tip Drill” that the programming fell in hot water and was ultimately discontinued because of how erotic and explicit the visuals were. 

Fast forward 15-years later, and BET: Uncut can now make its return in 2021, despite it being for a limited time only. For those old enough to remember the NSFW content that BET used to air, they took to social media to react to the announcement. It will be interesting to see what this new iteration of BET: Uncut will look like.

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