8 Things to Know About Rap’s Unfiltered Star, Sexyy Red

Sexyy Red's career is taking off, thanks to hits like "SkeeYee" and "PoundTown." Get to know more about Missouri's rising star with these fun facts.

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There are a lot of new artists creating buzz in today’s rap landscape, but there’s no one quite like Sexyy Red. 

The rapper, born Janae Nierah Wherry in St. Louis, Missouri, first gained attention in 2018, thanks to her viral track “Ah Thousand Jugs,” which reworked Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.” In the years that followed, she released several singles, but it wasn’t until January 2023 that Red broke through with her mega-hit “Pound Town.” The track was a huge success because of Sexyy Red’s unexpectedly raunchy and unfiltered delivery, ultimately making her the star to watch. Nicki Minaj hopped on “Pound Town 2” soon after, and that track became Red’s first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

Since then, the emerging star has appeared on songs with DaBaby and NLE Choppa, and has been seen mingling with numerous celebrities including Drake and Travis Scott. “SkeeYee,” released in July 2023, is a vibrant and rowdy anthem that has accumulated more than 11 million views on YouTube. 

While Sexyy Red is getting love from fans and celebrities alike, there is still a lot the public might not know about her. To get you up to speed, we compiled a list of the most interesting facts about Sexyy Red thus far. Check them out below. 

She’s had her stage name for quite some time.

Sexyy Red’s stage name has a simple backstory. According to the rapper, her nickname was “Red” in middle school because she used to dye her hair red and wear a lot of red garments. She added “Sexyy” when she uploaded one of her first songs to streaming platforms. “When I started rapping, I didn’t know what name I should use, and my cameraman was like, ‘What about Sexyy Red, because you’re sexy and your name’s Red?’ I’m like, ‘OK. I like that.’ We was putting different stuff in front of Red at first, but then when he said Sexyy, I’m like, it fits,” she recalled of that moment. 

She calls herself the “female Gucci Mane.”

In April 2023, Sexyy Red dropped her single “Female Gucci Mane,” in which she compared herself to the Atlanta rapper, rapping lines like “Female Gucci Mane, big ass diamond chain (Burr)/Real hood bitch, the North what I claim.” When asked why she thinks she’s like Guwop, Sexyy explained that she was given the nickname from other fans and friends. “Everybody always be telling me I remind them of Gucci Mane,” she said. “I think it’s the whole persona, because of my confidence and the hood shit.” Although she wasn’t the one who came up with the name originally, Sexyy acknowledges the similarities and says, “I fuck with Gucci. Back in the day, he used to wear the big gold chains. He was just extra. He used to have the big watch, the crazy cars with the big rims, and stuff like that. I’m extra like that, too. I love all that kind of shit.”

She’s a mother.

Sexyy Red is mom to one son named Chuckie. Her son, who she also refers to as “Sexyy Junior” was born in 2020. And although Sexyy Red’s career is blowing up, she says she makes an effort to spend quality time with him every day. Sexyy has also stated that her son is the reason she works hard. “[I want to] get my son out of the hood, so he don’t got to grow up in the kind of environment I did,” she told Complex

Artists like Drake, Travis Scott, and Summer Walker have shown her love on social media.

Sexyy Red is undoubtedly one of the most popular emerging artists right now. Not only do the fans love her, she’s also a favorite amongst A-list rappers. Probably one of the biggest artists to show Sexyy love has been Drake. In July, the duo revealed their newfound friendship on Instagram. In the picture, Sexyy Red and Drizzy were captured snuggled up on a couch. The caption read: “I’m yo favorite rapper favorite rapper.” The following month, the two were caught in a warm embrace once again. Sexyy Red has now been booked to be the opener for the remaining tour dates of Drake’s It’s All A Blur tour. Travis Scott has also shown his support for Sexyy Red. He welcomed the rapper onstage during his set for the Wireless Festival in London, where she performed her hit single “SkeeYee” in front of a screaming crowd. Sexyy Redd has also developed friendships with artists like Summer Walker (who she collaborated with on “Sense Dat God Gave You”) and GloRilla, after the artists showed her love on social media. 

Infidelity in her relationship inspired her to start rapping.

Sexyy Red’s introduction to rap happened in an unexpected way. According to the Missouri artist, she began rapping after catching her boyfriend cheating on her “with a lame ass bitch.” “I made a diss song about him and the girl and her friends. You know, because the friends be in on it too, so I was talking all this stuff about them,” she revealed in an interview with Complex. “And then I showed my boyfriend the song and he was like, ‘Dang, you straight know how to rap. You straight snap.’” And I’m sitting here talking stuff about him, but he was liking it.” And the rest was history. After receiving some encouragement from her boyfriend, Sexyy Red began recording more music that ranged in topics from relationships to sex and more. “I made a whole other song and went to record it,” she continues. “It was going around the city. They started calling me, saying, ‘You want to come to this party this weekend? We can put your face on the flyer and give you $100.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah!’ So that’s how it really started.”

She founded a lip gloss brand, and the different names are pretty interesting.

Based on the titles of her songs and particular lyrics, it is clear Sexyy Red isn’t afraid of thinking outside the box. Sexyy Red also owns a lipgloss brand, and the names of some of her different lines of gloss are just as wild. “The names for my lip gloss is something that nobody would’ve ever thought of,” she stated. “They was clowning me for these names, but when I was selling it, it sold out and it went crazy. I got one called Nut and it’s the color of some nut. I got one called Gonorrhea. It’s green like gonorrhea. I got one called Yellow Discharge, Pussy Hole Pink, Booty-Hole Brown, Coochie Juice. Coochie Juice is clear with silver glitter. It’s cute.” Despite the kooky names, Sexyy Red swears they smell really good, and they’ve sold out. 

Her career goals expand into the beauty, fashion, and television industries.

Sexyy Redd doesn’t want to be known as just a rapper; she has her sights set on taking over multiple industries. “I want to get on TV. I want to have a makeup line. I want to sell clothes, hair. I want some stores. I know I’m going to accomplish all of these,” she said. The rapper also noted that “money is the main route’’ to success “because I feel like money’s going to take you anywhere.” 

Sexyy Red believes in aliens, ghosts and other mythical creatures.

When it comes to extraterrestrials, Sexyy Red is a firm believer. In an interview with Complex, the rapper stated, “I believe in all kind of shit.” More specifically, Sexyy said she believes in mythical creatures like mermaids and Big Foot. “I look up everything on YouTube, and I always find some shit,” she added. The verdict is still out on whether Big Foot is in fact real, but Sexyy Red wouldn’t be alone in seeing aliens. Other rappers such as Post Malone have reported multiple UFO sightings. Sexyy Red also has two ghost stories that have turned her into a true believer. One time, she said a ghost turned on a speaker in her house. “My mom was just chilling, and out of nowhere, the speaker turned on by itself and it went all the way up, just playing music. She was scared,” she recalled. The other instance was a little more spooky. “One time I was on punishment and everybody was in the living room playing the Michael Jackson Wii game where you do the dances and stuff. My back was turned towards the wall and something smacked my ass,” she recalled. “At first, I was thinking my sisters and them were playing… But  they didn’t know what I had going on. The house was real haunted.” 

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