16 Things We Learned From the New Kid Cudi Documentary 'A Man Named Scott'

'A Man Named Scott,' a new documentary about the life and career of Kid Cudi, is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Here's what we learned from the documentary.

Kid Cudi documentary 'A Man Named Scott'

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Kid Cudi documentary 'A Man Named Scott'

Kid Cudi is one of the most influential artists of the last decade, and though many of his fans know some of his story, they haven’t quite heard it like this before. Today, A Man Name Scott, a documentary chronicling Cudi’s career-spanning journey, was released on Amazon Prime. The film was directed by Robert Alexander and produced by Complex Networks and Film 45. 

Through intimate interviews with Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Shia LaBeouf, ASAP Rocky, Jaden and Willow Smith, and many more, A Man Named Scott takes fans behind the scenes of Cudi’s biggest hits, albums, and inner thoughts. Though the documentary was inspired by Alexander’s personal interest in the rapper and his effect on pop culture, the director says that Cudi played a collaborative role in making the documentary. 

“It was a very kind collaboration,” he explains in a press release. “There were some things he felt were important to touch on and certain people he wanted to have a significant presence in the film. But he had a lot of trust in me and he was incredibly respectful in allowing me to make this film the way I felt was best.” 

The hour and a half documentary film is now available to watch on Amazon Prime. Check out some of the most interesting things we learned from A Man Named Scott below. 

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Kanye's explains why Cudi is so important to music and culture

Kanye West Kid Cudi

Cudi originally wanted to sing “Day N Nite” differently

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One of Kid Cudi’s most iconic singles, “Day N Nite” was created in only two days in producer Dot Da Genius’ childhood home. In the doc, both Cudi and Dot talk about working on the track together. Dot was working a security job and Cudi was in between gigs at the time. After they perfected the beat, Cudi says he originally wanted to “really sing it” and stretch out the vocals, but Dot eventually stepped in and suggested, “Maybe you shouldn’t try to sing it. Maybe you should just say it, in a melodic way.” Dot adds, “We pretty much made the beat, recorded it the next day, uploaded it to Myspace, and that was it.” At the time of recording the track, Cudi stated that he “wasn’t thinking about trying to make an album. I just wanted to make one good song, perfect that, and then from there, we’ll figure everything out.” 

Cudi quit his last “regular” job to go on tour in 2008 without a plan for money after

Kid Cudi 2009

Cudi talks about why Kanye didn’t have an even larger role on ‘MOTM: The End of Day’

Kanye West and Kid Cudi

Cudi was a little worried what his family would think of some lyrics on 'MOTM'

kid cudi

His label wanted “another ‘Day N Nite’” or a catchy radio song on ‘MOTM,’ but Cudi pushed back

Kid Cudi 2013

Cudi has never been worried about radio and sales


Cudi says he “found it hard to be happy,” even after accomplishing his dreams

A MAN NAMED SCOTT Kid Cudi Documentary

He opens up about cocaine giving him “confidence to step out of the house” and “to be normal”

kid cudi

Cudi and Shia LaBeouf once tried pitching a cartoon about Cudi's childhood to Adult Swim

Shia LaBeouf walks a red carpet.

ASAP Rocky’s favorite Kid Cudi album is ‘Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven’

asap rocky

Cudi says he was in his darkest place while making ‘Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven’

25 things kid cudi night terror

He opens up about challenges in 2016 before checking into rehab

Kid Cudi ComplexCon 2019

These days, Cudi says he has “no desire to make any more dark records”

Kid Cudi performs at the'Cruel Summer' After Party.

Cudi says “Kanye saved me from being depressed all over again about where I was at with the music” with ‘KSG'


He’s in a better place now


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