The Best New Music This Week: Roddy Ricch, Smino, Freddie Gibbs, and More

Complex's best new music this week includes songs from Roddy Ricch, Smino, J. Cole, Freddie Gibbs, YG, Nas, DVSN, Jagged Edge, Quavo, Takeoff, and more.

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Fall weather is finally here, and with the new temperatures comes a bunch of great new releases. This week, Smino and J. Cole teamed up for their new collaboration “90 Proof.” Roddy Ricch is back with an addictive new cut “Stop Breathing.” And Freddie Gibbs just dropped his new album, Soul Sold Separately, featuring the standout track, “Space Rabbit.” This week’s list also includes songs from YG, DVSN, and more.

Check out the best new music of the week below. You can also us on Spotify for all your fall playlist needs here

Roddy Ricch, “Stop Breathing” 

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Roddy Ricch is back with his new single, “Stop Breathing,” a slow-burning track that finds the rapper marveling at all of his wealth and material possessions. Over Turbo and Jetsonmade co-production, Roddy raps about his yachts and the designer clothes that he has as a result of his fame. “Look out the window, what do I see?/ A couple yachts, they got some thots that trot the seven seas/ Got CCs and Louis Vs out of every season/ Card me please, Forgis make ‘em stop breathin’,” he spits. The single is a solid transition song as we move from the summer to fall season. 

Smino f/ J. Cole, “90 Proof”

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Smino and J. Cole joined forces on “90 Proof,” a smooth and funky record where Smino floats over Monte Booker and Groove co-production, rapping about weed and relationships. Cole lays down a memorable verse, delivering dizzying flows as he raps about putting his family in an affluent neighborhood and addresses his fame. “I dont really do the cameras, I be low in Los Angeles/ You niggas aint never gon see me, I might as well be in Canada,” he spits. “90 Proof” marks another great feature from J. Cole and also signals the rollout for Smino’s upcoming album. 

Freddie Gibbs, “Space Rabbit” 

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“Space Rabbit” is a rich record from Freddie Gibbs that finds the lyricist rapping over a slick beat (courtesy of Jahaan Sweet, Boi-1da & Rogét Chahayed) anchored in piano keys. On the track, Gibbs raps about drug activity and other street dealings. “I had to stop drinkin’ that lean, that shit was fuckin’ up my gut/ Gun fights and sleepless nights, you see the pain all in my face,” he spits, utilizing sharp and quick flows. “Space Rabbit” is a standout from Gibbs’ latest project, Soul Sold Separately

DVSN f/ Jagged Edge, “What’s Up” 

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Old school R&B meets the new school on this single. OVO’s DVSN and Jagged Edge joined forces to create “What’s Up,” a velvety, modern R&B single that touches on all the classic topics: relationships, love, and heartache. On the track, DVSN’s Daniel Daley and members of Jagged Edge trade vocals, providing ad-libs in between lines. The single feels like a continuation of the sound and vibes that rule R&B in the ’90s. “What’s Up” potentially hints at what fans should suspect from DVSN’s next project. 

YG f/ Nas, “No Weapon” 

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Somber horns introduce the slick and jazzy beat of YG’s new single. “No Weapon” is a song you’d expect to hear in a noir or Spike Lee-type film. The horns complement YG’s aggressive west coast accent as he dismisses all hate and weapons (figuratively and literally) formed against him. “No weapon, no weapon, no opposition steppin/ Please protect me, Lord, my life dangerous, I rep this section,” he pleads on the chorus. Nas is also featured on the track, where he raps, “To be the best/ Sometimes you gotta beat the best, I’ll beat my chest/ A bee’s patrollin’ on your beard, features in my flesh.” “No Weapon” is a standout of collaboration from YG’s album, I Got Issues

Quavo & Takeoff, “Nothing Changed”

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Quavo and Takeoff continue their run as rap duo, Unc and Phew, with their new single “Nothing Changed.” It’s a booming trap record that finds the duo rapping about trappin’ out the bando, their chains, and their status. Quavo delivers a smooth and catchy chorus, but Takeoff’s verse is most memorable as he rips through lines with his raspy tone. Quavo and Takeoff are gearing up for the release of their first album as a duo, titled Only Built for Infinity Links

Kenzo Balla f/ TG Crippy, “Evil Twinz” 

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“Evil Twinz” is a menacing and dark single from Kenzo Balla that unites the rowdy rapper with TG Crippy. On the track, Kenzo bounces over a rambunctious beat as he rants, “They like, “Kenzo be back on that shit” Spot me a G, you know I gotta blitz/ We gon’ get him took up off the list.” Kenzo’s energy is magnetic, but can only be matched by TG Crippy, who comes on the track with a lethal second verse. “Evil Twinz” is a mosh record that will definitely bring the ragers to the pit. 

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