The Best New Music This Week: M.I.A., Chance the Rapper, Moneybagg Yo, and More

Complex's best nest music this week includes songs from M.I.A., Chance the Rapper, Moneybagg Yo, SleazyWorld Go, Kanye West, Calvin Harris, and more.

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We’re finishing the last week in May with a bang. M.I.A. has returned with an uptempo banger, “The One.” Chance the Rapper is also back in his storytelling bag with his newest record “A Bar About A Bar.” And Moneybagg Yo dropped “See Wat I’m Sayin” just in time for summer. This week’s list also includes songs from Easy Life, Kevin Abstract, SleazyWorld Go, Calvin Harris, Kaash Paige, and more.

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M.I.A., “The One” 

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M.I.A. is back. “The One” is an uptempo track where she battles ego in pursuit of her truest self, expressing her faith in spirituality. “Head for the gate, art imitate/ I’m the thing that sons imitate/ You can’t stop the fate/ Stop the weight, lock away/ Deny the debate relevant to the day,” she sings. “The One” is M.I.A.’s first single release of the year and is expected to appear on her sixth studio album, MATA. Of the song, M.I.A said it’s about “sticking to what you are and the truth.”  

Chance The Rapper, “A Bar About A Bar”

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“A Bar About A Bar” begins with a brief intro from Vic Mensa before Chance the Rapper erupts into a verse that tells a story about one experience he had in an actual bar. “A nigga walks into a bar/ Took his seat, he liked his liquor hard, his women easy/ Legend has it, he was callous like fingers that pick guitars,” his story begins. The track is one verse long and ends with Chance seemingly running out of story to tell. “A Bar About A Bar” arrives shortly after the release of “Child of God” and the Vic Mensa-assisted, “Wraith.” 

Easy Life f/ Kevin Abstract, “Dear Miss Holloway” 

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Easy Life and Kevin Abstract teamed up on “Dear Miss Holloway,” a slow-burning and sentimental track that finds the collective singing to a woman that got away. “I reminisce about us sometimes/ You started seein’ someone new for a while/ I read about it somewhere online,” Easy Life’s Murray Matravers sings on the intro, setting up a sunny track that we’ll be playing all summer long. Kevin Abstract takes a different approach on his verse, as he reflects on his early days of fame, rapping, “I used to think I’d move to Hollywood and end up with a Meagan Good/ Before they called me slurs, same words only Ellen would use.” “Dear Miss Holloway” is a single from Easy Life’s project, Maybe in Another Life, which is expected to drop on August 12. 

Moneybagg Yo, “See Wat I’m Sayin” 

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“See Wat I’m Sayin” is a hard-hitting track that finds Moneybagg Yo striving for listeners to understand where he’s coming from. “See what I’m sayin’?/ I’ma make ‘em see what I’m sayin’/ First they want smoke, now they just playin’,” he spits over a sinister beat, courtesy of Tay Keith. Elsewhere on the track, Moneybagg raps about falling in love with dancers, luxury cars, and dominating the summer. “See Wat I’m Sayin” is expected to appear on his next album, coming soon.

SleazyWorld Go f/ Lil Baby, “Sleazy Flow Remix”

SleazyWorld Go tapped Lil Baby for the remix of “Sleazy Flow,” which keeps the dark energy from the original record. On the track, SleazyWorld Go raps, “They block like a drive-thru, ask the opps how much we slide through/ Ain’t beefin’, but you they family, you get caught, then you gon’ die too.” Lil Baby matches SleazyWorld’s tone with a sharp verse that touches on women and wealth, spitting, “I can’t even brag about these thots, that shit be effortless/ Red and white Ferrari, I come through fresh as a peppermint/ Ain’t caught up in that other shit, they trippin’, I’m Black excellence.” If you’re just now coming across SleazyWorld Go, make sure to check out his excellent 2021 project, Sleazy.

Kaash Paige & Lil Tjay, “24 Hours” 

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Kaash Paige and Lil Tjay joined forces for their sensual record “24 Hours.” Kaash Paige delivers soft vocals over a murky beat, singing about spending time with a special someone. ‘Take my time, bae, don’t you run from me, oh/ Don’t, don’t worry, I’m taking it slow/ You, you know, hit me up when you’re ready to roll,” she sings. Lil Tjay heats things up with a more energetic verse that finds the Brooklyn native rapping, “And sometimes I feel like, girl, I need you like I need air/ Eventually we gotta have a little one to leave here.” “24 Hours” marks the first collaboration between Kaash Paige and Lil Tjay. 

XXXTENTACION & Kanye West, “True Love”

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XXXTentacion’s estate has released his latest posthumous single with Kanye West. “True Love” is an emotionally-rich and somber track that finds the duo discussing estranged love. “True love shouldn’t be this complicated/ I thought I’d die in your arms,” X sings on the chorus. On the first verse, Kanye seemingly references his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and their children, rapping, “Wait, no hard feelings, but these feelings hard though/ Wait, who got the kids in those ‘What are thosе?’/ Wait, why they can’t wear Yeezys with the cargos?/ Y’all know Nikе don’t like me, y’all take it too far, though/ At least have ‘em in some Mike’s, he played for Chicago.” “True Love” is the newest posthumous track from X which is expected to appear on the upcoming project, Look At Me: The Album, as well as Kanye’s Donda 2.

Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa & Young Thug, “Potion”

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Calvin Harris teamed up with Dua Lipa and Young Thug for their latest collaboration, “Potion” which is an electric and fun record that finds Dua delivering retro and hypnotic vocals over a funky beat. “Late night conversations/ Electric emotions/ Sprinkled with a little bit of sex/ And it’s a potion, yeah,” she sings. Young Thug delivers more muted vocals as he lays down melodic bars: “I’vе been catchin’ love off a backboard/ Runnin’ from your love, that’s what this track for.” “Potion” is the first single off of Calvin Harris’ highly-anticipated album Fun Wav Bounces Vol. 2

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