The Best New Music This Week: Lil Durk, Jorja Smith, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, and More

Complex's best new music this week includes songs from Lil Durk, Janelle Monae, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Lil Tecca, Jorja Smith, and many more.

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This week’s best new music list is full of exciting releases. Lil Durk just dropped a sentimental track “All My Life,” which is a collaboration with J. Cole and features a youth choir. Jorja Smith is bringing the energy just in time for summer with “Little Things.” And YoungBoy Never Broke Again dropped his new project, Richest Opp, featuring the standout track “Perspective.” You can also catch new releases from Janelle Monáe, Chase B, Lil Tecca and more. 

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Lil Durk f/ J. Cole, “All My Life”

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“All My Life” is a heartfelt track from Lil Durk that finds the Chicago rapper uniting with North Carolina’s J. Cole. Over a sentimental beat, Lil Durk kicks off the track, singing about his detractors trying to keep him down and his drive to persevere. He also brings up his own experiences with self harm and drug abuse in order to encourage the youth to stop bad habits. “I know some kids wanna hurt theyself/Stop tryna take drugs, I refer to myself/Tryna better myself, tryna better my health,” he spits. J. Cole matches Lil Durk’s energy, reciting a lengthy verse with lines about the state of the culture. “These days seein’ rappers be dyin’, way before they even gettin’ they shine/I never even heard of lil’ buddy/‘Til somebody murdered lil’ buddy,” Cole raps. The song is made even more powerful by the youth choir singing on the chorus. 

Jorja Smith, “Little Things”

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Jorja Smith is back again with “Little Things,” an energetic and danceable record. On the track, Jorja flexes high-pitched vocals over a fun dance beat, courtesy of P2J and New Machine co-production. On the chorus, Jorja Smith requests company for the night. It sounds like the UK singer is also experimenting with different styles, weaving in rap-like flows on the main verses. “Little Things” sets the perfect tone for the summer. It will be exciting to see what Jorja Smith does next. 

YoungBoy Never Broke Again, “Perspective” 

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again is back with his new 17-track project, Richest Opp. “Perspective” is the standout from the new project that finds the Baton Rouge artist rapping energetically over a Jason Goldberg-produced beat. On the track, YoungBoy switches up his flow and pitch, opting for a deeper tone and a more trap-inspired flow. “Walk in the room, and these bitches gon’ choose/Don’t make designer, I still make the news,” he spits.

Janelle Monáe, “Lipstick Lover” 

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Janelle Monae is back with “Lipstick Lover,” a sensual track with a summer vibe. Over a reggae-inspired beat (produced by Nate “Rocket” Wonder”), Janelle Monáe chases pleasure through various forms of physical contact. “I like lipstick on my neck/Hands around my waist so you know what’s comin’ next/I wanna feel your lips on mine,” she sings seductively. “Lipstick Lover” is a sexy and danceable record that is expected to appear on Janelle Monáe’s forthcoming album, The Age of Pleasure

CHASE B f/ Travis Scott, Quavo, Don Toliver & Ty Dolla $ign, “Ring Ring” 

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Chase B tapped a stellar group of collaborators for his latest single. On “Ring Ring,” Don Toliver takes the lead over a dark and hazy beat led by guitar strings. “When I’m sittin’ on the couch smokin’ biscotti/The way she bend it over, man, she gotta do pilates,” he sings. Toliver passes it off to Quavo, who spits, “This is black excellence/Tryna build us a residence.” The song concludes with a very brief verse from Travis Scott, followed by a smooth outro from Ty Dolla $ign. 

Lil Tecca, “Need Me” 

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Lil Tecca’s “Need Me” is a fun and slick record that has a nostalgic feel. Over a sample of Brandy and Monica’s 1998 hit “The Boy Is Mine,” Lil Tecca puts his own twist on the record, singing about his fast pace lifestyle and relationship. “Slide on my lonely, gas by the OZ/I don’t got no OG, nowadays I’m OT/Oh, you say you like that? Oh, you gotta show me,” he sings. Of course, nothing beats the original sample, but Lil Tecca does a great job of bringing his own flair to the song and making “Need Me” a modern hit for a new generation. 

KayCyy, “Roll the Dice”

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“Roll The Dice” is a slick record that finds Kaycyy uniting with producer Gesffelstein on the beat. On the track, Kaycyy seduces his subject as he requests them to take a gamble on him. “Roll the dice, close your eyes/Trust the time, we’ll be fine/You and I, we’ll survive/Anything, side by side,” Kaycyy sings. “Roll the Dice” is an alluring record and sounds like a definite hit. 


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