V-Nasty Claims She Signed A $750,000 Record Deal

She's also working with Ryan Seacrest?

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Remember V-Nasty? You know, she was Kreayshawn's BFF. Wait, you don't remember Kreayshawn? Okay, you know that white girl that dropped an album with Gucci Mane called BAYTL. You don't remember that either?


V-Nasty was that white girl who used to say the n-word all the time.

Yeah, her.

Well, according to an interview she did with LA Weekly yesterday, she signed to independent label Pinnacle Records...for a deal supposedly worth $750,000. Also, Ryan Seacrest is apparently involved and she's claiming she's working on a reality show. 

Chatting with LA Weekly, here's what she had to say:

They say it's worth $750,000. What type of deal is it?
It's an independent deal. I don't really know how to explain it, it's independent as far as working with each other. It's for three years of music and shit, but I'm ready to just keep going with them. Of course, we're gonna get more artists and shit. It's big. It's not no regular Warner Bros., but I feel I'm in a better position. More freedom.

She also speaks on falling out with Kreayshawn and being sober. 

Do you actually believe she got that much money for an independent deal? It's hard to believe since Kreayshawn's deal was worth a million dollars and there's no way Sony recouped on that since her album bricked. 

[via LAWeekly]

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