Tyler, The Creator Wishes STDs On Complex Staff

Talk about burning sensations.

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Last night Tyler, The Creator hit the stage at the Highline Ballroom in New York City to sit down with Elliott Wilson for an in-depth conversation. We didn't get around to going, but we're wishing we did. According to the Village Voice, Tyler took the time to talk about his most least favorite publication, Complex

The Voice writes:

Complex, a magazing [sic]/website Tyler loathes so much he "hopes all their employees get a new kind of STD" for the "bullshit lists" they come up with. 'Like, ummm, 'Top Ten Dicks Nick Cannon Has Sucked' or some dumb shit."

The good news? He just passed our edit test.

It's not the first time Tyler's expressed a subtle disdain for Complex. After we found Earl Sweatshirt back when he was in the Coral Reef Academy and Odd Future was getting rich selling Free Earl t-shirts, Tyler has had words for Complex in many places, most notably on Twitter. That said, we're not mad at him, or his words. In fact...

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[via Village Voice/Sound of the City]

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