Complex Presents: The Rick Ross Soundboard

Peep all of Rozay's funniest quotes.

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Was there ever a rapper more soundboard ready than Rick Ross? Sure, plenty of other rappers have classic catchphrases, legendary quotes, and incredible ad-libs, but none can quite match the vigor of Rozay. Mostly because in recent years, he figured out that his gravelly, husky voice was his greatest asset and he put it to use as he uttered phrases that had no business being as clever/catchy/hilarious as they are.

With his crew Maybach Music Group's new album Self Made Vol. 1 in stores now and with the big fella himself covering our epic June/July issue alongside Andy Samberg, we went ahead and put together the Rick Ross soundboard (just like we did with Charlie Sheen) and equipped it with soundbites from his songs, interviews, and even a few clips from our cover story with him. *Rick Ross grunt*

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