Kanye West Stops By The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God Confronts Him On His Contradictions

Charlamagne calls him "Kanye Kardashian."

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Kanye West stopped by Power 105's The Breakfast Club this morning. Kanye has been a repeat offender for the show's Donkey of The Day segment (his most recent one stemmed from the video for "Bound 2") but he still sat down the DJ EnvyAngela Yee, and of course, Charlamagne Tha God

Charlamagne has been highly critical of Kanye as of late, calling him a "walking contradiction" in an interview with DJ Vlad earlier this year.

"Do you not like the reception the album has gotten?" asked Charlamagne. "I didn't like the album at all, and I was a Kanye West fan. But Yeezus was wack to me." 

"Yeah that's great," said Kanye, while smiling from ear to ear. "That's great. So what were you saying?" 

Later on, when DJ Envy was trying to get Kanye to talk about why he feels so frustrated, Kanye cut him off because he knew what the people wanted.   

"They wanna hear him talk man," said Kanye to DJ Envy about Charlamagne. "They want this man to throw them blows man, that's what they waiting for. They waiting for Charlamagne to tap these gloves and go at Ye. So let's go." 

See what happens next at the six minute mark. 

[via Power 105]

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