Premiere: Watch Father's Cry $$$ Tour Vlog Hit New York, Philadelphia , & Atlanta

Catch some behind the scenes of the video shoot for "It G Ma Remix" as well.

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Father and Awful Records headed out on their first headline North American tour, Cry $$$, earlier this month on July 5. Father, Playboi Carti, Slug Christ and KeithCharles Spacebar will all be on tour until August 5. Thankfully, the guys also brought their photographer Brandon “Eat Humans” McClain along for the ride to document all their typical tour fuckery. (In case you need a reminder, this is what it's like to hang with the crew for a couple weeks.) Complex teamed up with Awful to bring a series of vlogs from the Cry $$$ tour. 

In the second episode of our tour vlog, Father and company hit hometown Atlanta, Philadelphia, and New York. In Atlanta, kids at the mall are excited to meet Father. In New York, someone mistakes him for...Rae Sremmurd. As a bonus, there's some behind the scenes footage of Father shooting the video for Keith Ape's "It G Ma Remix." Be sure to tune in next week with part three of the series. 

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