You are about to bear witness to a groundbreaking moment in convergence culture, in which a kid from Seoul crosses continents to link up with homies from Atlanta, L.A., and Harlem, all in the name of hip-hop, BAPE, killer whales, and everything that's lit. Yes, it's the long-awaited "IT G MA Remix" video from Keith Ape, featuring Waka Flocka Flame, Dumbfoundead, Father, and A$AP Ferg.   

Ever since the original "IT G MA" became a viral sensation, an American remix was inevitable. But getting this thing together wasn't easy. Over the past few months, the lineup has been shuffled and reshuffled (no fewer than two artists with "Yung"  in their name were at one point on, and then off, the remix); verses have been rerecorded, then reordered; and various scenes have been shot, then reshot, and then reshot again. But, under the expert eye of director Shomi Patwary (A$AP Rocky, "Multiply"), the pieces eventually fell into place to make the incredible video above, which you will watch now and again and again to relive moments like the GIFs below:  

The triumphant return of the UNDERWATER SQUAD:

Waka Flocka Flame popping up at the livest karaoke session of all time:

Dumbfoundead spitting them soju flames:

Keith Ape going purple, purple, purple:

Father turning it into an Awful affair:

And finally, A$AP Ferg bringing the fire flames, per usual:

Now go and buy the "IT G MA Remix" on iTunes and never, ever, ever forget about this experience.