Chief Keef's Postcards From Paris

Bon voyage.

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Last week, Chief Keef headed out to Paris to work with Kanye West. While in Gay Paree, he did what any 17-year-old would do: Took pics of himself chilling in The City of Light. Although he posted his flicks to Instagram (where he complained about the food), little did fans know he also kept correspondence with friends, family, and others via postcards too.1

While most of us would never get the chance to find something in our mailbox from Sosa himself, Complex got our hands on a few of Chief Keef's Postcards From Paris, like the one above which has him hanging out by the Eiffel Tower with Interscope A&R Larry Jackson. Click ahead and see what else he was up to. 

Images by Simon Jones

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1) They didn't know because it didn't actually happen.


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