Bobby Shmurda Says He's Not Getting Paid for His Shows, Goes on Instagram Rant

It's not all good for the Brooklyn rapper.

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Bobby Shmurda has been hard at work playing shows, but it turns out he's hardly getting paid. Shmurda took to his Instagram to air some grievances about not getting properly compensated for his shows. He didn't name any names or blame anyone specifically, but Bobby went so far as to suggest suing anyone who has a contract with Bobby Shmurda but doesn't have his signature on it. 

The clips were only up briefly on his Instagram and have since been deleted. 

The most heartbreaking part came from his caption which read (italics ours), "“Nah idgaf I’m doing all theses show not getting ma money dey got me doing shit every fucking day so its hard to keep up Witt dis shit den I ain’t got nobody to trust ain’t no help in dis bitch I’m ready to go back to da trap be4 jail #RNS dats how I feel foh.”

It's sad to see a young guy get caught up in all the foul ways of the industry, but that's life. Hopefully Bobby can get his situation figured out and get his money right. His five-track EP, Shmurda She Wrote, is set to be released Nov. 10 on Epic Records. 

UPDATE: Bobby's mother and manager, Leslie Pollard, recently spoke to Billboard about the situation, saying that the rant wasn't about Bobby not getting paid, but rather him just being new to the music business. Her full comments can be read below.

"It's not that he's not getting paid, it's that he's new to the business," Leslie Pollard tells Billboard. "There's a chain of command that he has to go through before he gets his payment. I guess he's thinking all the money should go from the front man to his hands -- it doesn't work like that. Of course they hold onto it so he actually does the show. Then it goes to his business manager, then to the touring accountant, and then to him."

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