25 Things You Didn't Know About Mac Miller

You think you know Mac? Trust us, you don't know the half.

mac miller

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mac miller

You think you know Mac? Trust us, you don't know the half.

This feature is a part of Complex's "Man of Next Year" Week.

If there's anything our digital cover story proved, it's that many people's perceptions of Mac Miller are wrong. It's not just that most people are unaware of his brief addiction to lean—even fewer know the real deal about his upbringing or what his life is like now. Then again most people don't get to hang with Mac, his boy Quentin Q Cuff, and his friend Jimmy Murton to get the scoop on the Most Dope general. Although our Man of Next Year profile captured the real Malcolm James McCormick, there's still a ton of stuff that went unreported.

Here are 25 Things You Didn't Know About Mac Miller. 

He Parties With Miley Cyrus

mac miller miley cyrus

He Smoked for the First Time in Fifth Grade

mac millere

He Started Rapping When He Was 14

mac miller stage

He Tried to Be a Singer/Songwriter Before Becoming a Rapper

mac miller singng

He Would Go to School But Not to Class

mac miller

He Cut Class Constantly, But Still Graduated

mac miller

He Used to Sell Stolen TVs and Rob Purses for Studio Time

NFL Star Darrelle Revis Helped Him Blow Up

Mac Miller

He's a Self-Taught Musician

mac miller piano

His Favorite Thing To Do Is Talk About the Meaning of Life

mac miller friends

He Had His Own Apartment in High School

mac miller performing

As A Teen, He'd Pull All-Nighters to Write Raps

Mac Miller

He Got Cool With Odd Future Through Taco

mac miller tyler

Earl Sweatshirt Loves Making Beats in Mac's House

mac miller earl sweatshirt

He Describes His Old Style as "Angry White Rapper"

mac miller tattoos

He Used to Sell Weed, But Was Very Bad at It

mac miller

Rostrum Records Wasn't Initially Interested in Signing Him

mac miller

He's a Chain Smoker

mac miller

He Was Once Arrested and Spent a Night in Jail

mac miller

He's Producing an EP for Vince Staples

Vince Staples performs at the 2017 Panorama Music Festival.

He Considers Himself an "Underground Rapper"

mac miller

He Hides Random Pittsburgh References in a Lot of His Verses

mac miller

He Owns a Painting of Big L

mac miller

He's a Big Fan of Nature Documentaries

mac miller

He's Starting His Own Label, REMember Music

mac miller

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