Lil Uzi Vert Makes Another Classic Moment by Running Away During Nardwuar Interview

Sometimes Nardwuar knows a little too much about things.

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The only person that can match Nardwuar's awkwardness is Lil Uzi Vert. But as proven before, sometimes Nardwuar knows a little too much about his subjects, and in this case, leading Uzi to flee from the interview.

After his performance at Miami's Rolling Loud, Lil Uzi bumped into Nardwuar for one of his patented, on-the-fly interviews. First, Nardwuar brought Uzi an air freshener with the rapper's face on it. Apparently, Uzi has one of these in his car.

When Nardwuar brought up the fact that Uzi's current DJ is the son of Stetsasonic DJ and De La Soul producer Prince Paul, things took a hilarious turn. Narwuar pulled out a vintage Stetsasonic record, forcing Uzi to sprint off before the interview ended.

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This abrupt ending mirrors their previous encounter. Like their past Rolling Loud interview, Nardwuar brought up one of Uzi's former DJs. As a result, Lil Uzi Vert took sprinted off before the line of questioning got out of hand. The clips of this interview as well as Uzi telling Nardwuar that he "knows too much" turned into a viral sensation and its likely that this encounter will generate the same result. You can watch it above.

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