CeeLo Green Apologizes for 'F*ck Protesters' Comment: 'It Was Not Meant to Be a Political Statement'

The singer originally spoke out in defense of his close friend Big Boi.

CeeLo Green attends Rolling Stone Live: Atlanta

Image via Getty/Dia Dipasupil

CeeLo Green attends Rolling Stone Live: Atlanta

Leading up to Sunday's Super Bowl, rapper Big Boi was taking heat for crossing the picket line and agreeing to perform during the game's halftime show alongside Maroon 5 and Travis Scott. This prompted one of Big Boi's close friends and collaborators, CeeLo Green, to take to social media during the game to support his Dungeon Family member.

"@BigBoi yo big we riding wit you fam DO THAT SHIT!," Green wrote in a now-deleted post. "F**k these so called protesters you just got 100m worth of press. I’ll kill for you."

Rightfully so, many were disturbed by Green attacking those that took a stand against the NFL's questionable political and social stances. On Tuesday (Feb. 5), the singer decided to issue a formal apology that explains the motives behind his comments. 

"It was not meant to be a political statement, but a personal statement because I can, of course, relate to being under the pressure and scrutiny of opposed popular opinion," Green said in a video posted by TMZ. "People have to realize that me and Big Boi have been friends and extended family for the last 25 years and we talk on a personal level and I knew what some of the tension and apprehension was and I wanted to show some solidarity for him if there was no other act of solidarity coming from his end to support him."

Green then went on to say that if given a chance to do it again he would have chosen his words more carefully and would not have targeted the protesters. 

"To anyone that I offended I sincerely apologize. I truly do," Green concluded. "But I still support Big Boi as I support Dungeon Family and I support Atlanta, Georgia."

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