Earl Sweatshirt Is the First Guest on 'That's Deep,' Complex's Existential Interview Show

Complex’s new show ‘That’s Deep' is hosted by Yedoye Travis. Watch it on YouTube now.

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What happens when we die? Are we alone in the universe or do aliens exist? What’s the meaning of life?

Those are the questions you might hear at 2 a.m. in a friend’s basement, midway through an existential conversation about life. And they’re the exact kind of questions at the core of Complex’s new interview show That’s Deep.

The premise is simple, really. In nearly every interview, celebrities are asked about the same things over and over, so That’s Deep takes a different approach. Sitting on a couch with host Yedoye Travis, guests ponder (and joke about) the world’s mysteries. Imagine the funniest conversation you ever had in your old dorm room, but with today’s biggest stars. 


Earl Sweatshirt is the first guest on Complex's new existential interview show That's Deep, hosted by Yedoye Travis. The first episode is on our YouTube tomorrow, October 12 #thatsdeep #earlsweatshirt

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On the first episode of That’s Deep, on YouTube now, guest Earl Sweatshirt sits on the couch with Yedoye in support of his new collab album with Alchemist, Voir Dire. The conversation gets wacky, ranging from Earl's UFO sighting to the Grateful Dead to the purpose of life itself.

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