Belly Announces 'IMMIGRANT' Album

The 34-year-old Palestinian-Canadian artist hinted at politically-charged subject matter on 'IMMIGRANT,' which will arrive October 12. "With everything going on, I can’t sit by and say nothing," Belly wrote on Instagram and Twitter. "I decided to speak my truths."

Belly will be dropping a new album on October 12 called IMMIGRANT.

Making the announcement on Sunday evening, the 34-year-old Palestinian-Canadian artist hinted at politically-charged subject matter on the project. "With everything going on, I can’t sit by and say nothing," he wrote on Instagram and Twitter. "I decided to speak my truths."

Immigrating from Palestine to Canada with his family when he was seven years old, Belly has been outspoken about Donald Trump's controversial immigration policies over the past year. Launching an "immigrant" shirt in July as a way to protest families being separated at the U.S. border, he donated 100 percent of the profits to the American Civil Liberties Union and International Rescue Committee.

"As an immigrant myself I feel as though immigration is a topic that need my support and yours as well with so much happening," Belly explained at the time. "It’s our job as public figures and more importantly as humans to bring attention to these causes. With your help we can create a platform and bring awareness to help immigrants thrive and know they can succeed too."

Belly also dedicated the first song on his 2017 project, Mumble Rap, to vocalizing the struggles that immigrants face. On "Immigration To The Trap," he rapped, "Uh, look, immigration to the trap/Generations to adapt/Life sentence in my lap/Now vacations overlap/Still I'm pacin', won't relax/Invitations to relapse."

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Along with the album announcement, Belly teased a collaboration with Meek Mill on his Instagram Story. "Me and Meek got a monster on the new album," he wrote. "Real shit." Meek responded by sharing Belly's IMMIGRANT cover artwork on his own Instagram page

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