The Amy Winehouse Foundation Launches In The U.S.

The foundation in the U.K. was brought to the U.S. in honor of Amy Winehouse.

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While Amy Winehouse will always be remembered for her blues, the 27-year-old has one more platform to keep her spirit alive.

The parents of Winehouse, Mitch and Janis Winehouse, announced yesterday (April 11) at a press conference at Joe’s Pub in New York the launch of the Amy Winehouse Foundation in the United States. The location is significant because Amy made her debut U.S. performance there in January 2007.

Amy’s parents have setup the foundation to honor her passion of wanting to help children in need. The AWF was formally established in the U.K. last year, allocating over £275,000 that was distributed to various organizations.

The AWF-US will follow a similar mission. The goal is to support and empower children through music therapy and music education, which all the proceeds will fund music programs. One of the first programs will be the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra. The AWF-US plans to work with the organization by providing assistant in after school programs in school districts still affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The AWF-US will also host the Amy Winehouse Inspiration Awards and Gala in September. Special guests and honorees will receive the Amy Winehouse Foundation Inspiration Award for their outstanding achievements in inspiring others. It is planned to be an annual event in hopes to raise awareness and funds for the foundation.

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