Lil Wayne Says There Will Be Two Versions of 'Dedication 6'

Weezy plans to give us more songs in the future.

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Lil Wayne’s Dedication 6is set to drop on Christmas Day, but it sounds like fans are only going to get one version of the mixtape.

Weezy appeared on NFL GameDay Prime this week and chatted with Deion Sanders on FaceTime about the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers injury, the Patriots, and more. When Sanders asked Wayne about his upcoming releases, he revealed that D6 will have two versions.

“I got Dedication 6 dropping for Christmas,” he says at the 3:05 mark. “What we ended up doing, I ended up doing a whole bunch of songs so they wanna split it up. So they gonna drop one version for Christmas and drop the other songs after that.”

In that case, fans will probably get a free project on Christmas and then a chance to buy D6 and streamit on their favorite streaming services with additional songs. Wayne’s Dedication series are always stacked with a ton of songs. Just check out the breakdown below:

The Dedication (2005) –  29 tracks
Dedication 2 (2006) –  25 tracks
Dedication 3 (2008) –  23 tracks
Dedication 4 (2012) –  15 tracks
Dedication 5 (2013) –  29 tracks

So far, Wayne has shared two songs from the tape – a remix to 21 Savage’s “Bank Account” and Jay Z’s “The Story of O.J.” In July, he dropped In Tune We Trustthat included a freestyle to Playboi Carti's “Magnolia” that could re-appear on D6. He has teased rapping over Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA,” which could arguably be his best remix.

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There’s only a few more hours left until Christmas Day. No matter how many tracks D6 is, Weezy Santa will bless us with his gift soon.

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