Justin Bieber Gives Kanye West's Seating Poster a Funny Makeover at the VMAs

Biebs is quite the prankster.

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Justin Bieber looks like he's having a lot of fun during his rehearsals for the VMAs. After premiering his excellent comeback single, “What Do You Mean,” he’s getting ready to perform it live for the first time tonight. Of course, the 21-year-old singer wanted to scope out who will be watching him in the audience and he couldn’t help but have some fun with the seating placards. In the Instagram videos below, Biebs defaces Kanye West’s poster (and his own), picks a fight with John Legend and sends a special message to Britney Spears through a Spider-Man kiss. His playfulness is all good signs that his performance of “What Do You Mean” is a must-see.


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