Irish Rapper Rejjie Snow Claims He Is Captain Murphy

Mystery solved?

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Ever since the mysterious Captain Murphy released Duality, an enticing 30-minute visual accompanied by an impressive soundtrack, many indie heads have wondered who was behind this enigmatic character. While there are some speculation and guesses, the search may have ended tonight. According to Pigeons & Planes, Irish rapper Rejjie Snow—who was also known as Lecs Luther—announced that he’s the voice behind Captain Murphy.

In the video also sent to P&P, Snow explains how he was in Los Angeles working on new music with Flying Lotus. During that time, he also set aside a variety of songs under the name Captain Murphy. He then states as a sort of official confirmation: “I’m Captain Murphy. In other words, Rejjie Snow is Captain Murphy. Captain Murphy is Rejjie Snow.”

You can watch the full public service announcement below. But be quick—he plans on taking down the YouTube link in a few days. Although there hasn’t been any other sources co-signing this claim, at least there is some leads behind the man of mystery.

[via Pigeons & Planes]

UPDATE: It appears as if Rejjie Snow was trolling us all along. Captain Murphy's identity is still kept under wraps. Let the speculation continue.

The biggest troll of the year award goes too ___________________
Someone claiming to be the captain? Great Idea. Maybe now you can get some more followers.

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