Frank Ocean Album Rumors Took Over Twitter Because of a Fake Account

Frank Ocean fans got their hopes up for his new album because of a rumor from a fake Twitter account.

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Frank Ocean fans are waiting at the edge of their seats for any new information on his next album. It’s almost to the point where they’ll believe in anything—even a release date from an unreliable news source.

Earlier today, the Twitter account Snatched Bops tweeted that the elusive singer’s next album will be dropping Friday, June 3. It's easy to be fooled by these guys because they make their tweets look semi-official: Look at the one they did on Eminem's next studio album.

Like I don't play when it comes to Frank Ocean 😅 like I love him & if it ain't no album Friday I wanna fight whoever started the rumor lbs👊🏾

— Zuuboo 💜 (@lits0ul) June 2, 2016

Naturally, Twitter went off when it heard the news.

Frank Ocean, 2/3 of be thinks it's just a rumor the other 1/3 will be on iTunes first thing in the morning waiting 👀

— Martin Toe 🦋 (@iammartintoe) June 2, 2016

This year, there have been many instances where it seemed possible that Ocean was ready to drop his sophomore effort. He appeared at Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3, which also doubled as a preview for The Life of Pablo, and featured on "Wolves" with Vic Mensa and Sia. Then there was a snippet of a new song that was uploaded randomly on SoundCloud. It appeared to come from a secret listening session.

There have been several collaborators who shared their insight on Ocean’s new material. James Blake said it is absolutely worth the wait, noting, "He is onto something, he really is." Chance the Rapper also spoke about the whereabouts of Frank and explained why he’s been so hard to find lately: "I know he’s away making a masterpiece. I think that Frank is very, very focused on his catalogue. Anything that you hear him on that’s a feature was recorded a long time ago… I don’t think Frank is working on anyone’s stuff except for his own."

Rumors or facts, it just means everyone wants a new Frank Ocean album ASAP.

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