Drake Thanks Noah "40" Shebib for His Work on 'VIEWS'

"Text me when you are ready to start the next one 😂😂😂."

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We’re just a few hours from the worldwide debut of Drake’s VIEWS. Before we officially hear the album in full, Drake’s been slowly giving us bits and pieces of the album. Earlier tonight, he announced the production credits and features. Now, he’s sending a special thank you to his friend and producerNoah “40” Shebib.

In his post on Instagram, Drizzy thanks 40 for building their sound since they first linked up on So Far Gone. “Thanks you for dropping everything to work with me after we met and realized we had something special. Thank you for pushing yourself despite the fact you should be resting to achieve an end goal that we are both obsessed with. Thank you for listening to me vent and talking me off ledges,” he wrote.

40 is credited on 10 of the 20 tracks on VIEWS. Read it below.

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