Vic Mensa Confronts DJ Akademiks Over Coverage of Chicago Rap Scene: 'I Wanted to Slap You in Your Face'

Vic Mensa appeared on 'Everyday Struggle' and confronted DJ Akademiks over his coverage of the Chicago rap scene.

Vic Mensa was the special guest on today's episode of Everyday Struggle, and the 24-year-old rapper confronted DJ Akademiks over what he believes has been sensationalized coverage of violence and Chicago hip-hop by the online personality.

Akademiks brought up the topic of Chicago rap, asking what Mensa thought of the scene now. "I wanted to slap you in your face," Mensa responded, referencing Akademiks coverage of the violence around drill music. "I really felt as if people exactly like you sensationalized and made a following off of clowning situations we go through in real life... whatever made you feel like you had a space to have a perspective of our people dying on a daily basis?"

As an example, Mensa highlighted a video from Akademiks on Tray 57, a Chicago rapper who was killed in 2014. He claimed Akademiks joked about his death. "That's a nigga I grew up with," Mensa said. "I've known [him] since I was five years old, and to see you come on the internet with this corny ass little voice and make jokes about it... I was waiting to see you."

"You're like basically one of those little kids that makes fan fiction on the internet. And just create these worlds about people they don't even know," he added. "It's kind of sick when it's real people dying young. I'm at those funerals."

Check out the full episode below and tune into Everyday Struggle from Los Angeles all week. The back-and-forth between Mensa and Akademiks begins at the 12:40 mark.

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