Premiere: Mobb Deep Drops "Survival of the Fittest (ESPN Remix)" and Announce New EP

The veteran duo continue to add to their impressive catalog.

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Ask any NBA player what's included in their pre-game ritual, and there's a 99 percent change bumping rap music to get pumped up is a necessity. And it make sense. The gritty lyricism and energy from rappers translates to the basketball court, where only the best and strongest will survive. No man is safe.

Today, Complex premieres Mobb Deep's "Survival of the Fittest (ESPN Remix)," which will be used for the opening of NBA Countdown on ESPN during the Western Conference Finals. This revamped version plays off Mobb Deep's 1995 classic cut from their debut album, The Infamous, which turned 20 this year. 

As an added bonus, Mobb Deep also announce their upcoming Survival of the Fittest EP. The five-song project will include the remix as well as a handful of fresh new cuts to add to Mobb Deep's impressive catalog. You can pre-order "Survival of the Fittest (ESPN Remix)" on iTunes, which will be available for purchase May 18. For now, check out the remix below and be on the lookout for its television premiere next week on NBA Countdown.


1. Hide Away Produced By Havoc

2. Survival Of The Fittest (ESPN Remix) Produced By Havoc & Additional Keys By Yung Fokus

3. Whats Going On Produced By Havoc

4. Life Is What You Make It Produced By S.C.

5. All About It Produced By Yung Fokus

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