Miley Cyrus Talks About Being Nude & Making Out with Sledgehammer in "Wrecking Ball" Video

Clearly Miley is a method actress.

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There are times when a music video transcends its exterior shell of entertainment and becomes a cultural moment. One could say Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" video does that in more than one way. 

Since being released through Vevo on September 9, "Wrecking Ball" has accumulated over 275 million views in less than two months. It also features incredible visuals that border on risqué, but done in just enough of a tasteful manner that you have to applaud Miley and video director Terry Richardson for their execution.

In a commentary interview on "Wrecking Ball," Miley explained the inspiration behind some of the more notable scenes of the video, including kissing a sledgehammer that was less than sterile. “I was doing it just, like, kidding, because Terry was over there and he was, like, ‘Look like you’re in love with it, you’re really sad!’" she says. "He was, like, ‘Keep doing it! Keep doing it! Looks like you really are in love with this thing!’ and then they started yelling at me. They were, like, ‘You can’t lick that thing! There’s paint!’ And, I’m like, I don’t care, I think this is actually going to be dope."

Watch the full commentary video above, where she also explains why she feels more comfortable being nude than crying in public. 

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