Big Freedia Teaches Complex and the Whole World How to Twerk

The Queen of New Orleans Bounce has all the right moves.

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Complex Original

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Big Freedia recently stopped by Complex to give a proper twerk tutorial. No, not Miley Cyrus' version. What you'll witness above is a real ass-shaking affair that in some regard could be considered life-changing. At least for the others involved. Set to Freedia's "Excuse" a number of Complex employees show off their lively dance moves while the Queen of New Orleans Bounce monitors and offers suggestions throughout. With their newfound skills maybe they'll join Freedia the next time she decides to break another record. As it stands Big Freedia currently holds the Guiness World Record for most people twerking simultaneously

For more on Freedia watch her new series Big Freedia: Queen of Bounceevery Wednesday on Fuse.

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