There Is a "Who Is OutKast?" Tumblr

The generation gap has been exposed.

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This week, the OutKast reunion the Internet has been buzzing about since it was rumored in November was not just Rico Wade-confirmed-in-an-interview official—it was announced the duo will be headlining two festivals, Coachella and NYC's fourth annual Governors Ball. And while these announcements have whipped generations of fans into a frenzy, the Atlanta duo's hiatus has been lengthy enough that there's a grip of people who don't even know who they are.

Enter the Who Is OutKast? Tumblr. Like the Who Is Arcade Fire? (who are also headlining Coachella) and Who Is Bonnie Bear? (Bon Iver) memes before it, the Tumblr collects Twitter updates, text messages, and blog comments from confused potential Coachella attendees. Some of their reactions are priceless. Check some of them out below and the full range here.

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