Watch Jhene Aiko Perform an Acoustic Version of "In Love We Trust" and Talk About "3:16AM"

The performance is simple but stunning.

Jhene Aiko met up with Vibe to talk about what she is currently working on, along with some of her past recordings. Speaking on one of her recent videos, "3:16AM," she said that she linked up with the producer on that track from her previous recording contract that she had when she was a teenager.

In the video above, Aiko performs an acoustic rendition of a song called "In Love We Trust," which came out in 2011. The simple performance consists of just one microphone and one guitar, with Aiko's vocals sounding magical live. It is a stirring rendition of one of the standout songs off her sailing soul(s) mixtape.

On the horizon for Aiko is her anticipated Souled Out project. It should be coming out later in 2013.

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