Video Premiere: The Step Brothers Evidence & Alchemist Fight to The Death to Become "Step Masters"

The first song off "Lord Steppington" comes to light.

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Sibling rivalry can sometimes run deep. For the Step Brothers, this involves a battle for ultimate supremacy, the right to be crowned as "Step Masters."

Alchemist and Evidencewage war in a variety of different contests, such as "Longest Mouth Wash" and sudden death air hockey. The two also crack bottles over each other's heads in this Jason Goldwatch-directed video. The song itself has them trading rhymes over a hard-hitting Alchemist beat that includes a scratch hook.

"Step Masters" is the first song off the Step Brothers' long anticipated album, Lord Steppington. It will be almost entirely produced by Alchemist, with appearances from Domo Genesis, Action Bronson, and Styles P. The album will be coming out January 12, and is available for pre-order here.

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