Snoop Dogg Talks About the Kendrick Lamar GQ Story and Death Row Comparisons

"They said what?"

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Take it from the "Doggfather's" mouth: TDE is not the new Death Row.

In an interview with Vibe, Snoop Dogg was asked about the GQ cover story on Kendrick Lamar, and the comparisons made between TDE and the old Death Row Records. "No, they're not the new Death Row," Snoop said. "Because TDE did it completely differently." According to Snoop, TDE represents hip-hop and positivity, while Death Row did things "with a gangsta approach."  Snoop said that Death Row came out disrespecting people with a thug mentality, while TDE doesn't partake in that. This echoes criticism GQ has received from the piece, particularly after Top Dawg pulled Kendrick from the party over one week ago.

Meanwhile, Kendrick gave his review of Doggystyle yesterday in honor of its 20-year anniversary to XXL. Calling "'G Funk Intro,' 'Tha Shiznit,' 'Pump Pump,' and 'Gz And Hustlas' his favorite songs from the album, Kendrick said, "There wouldn’t be a Kendrick Lamar without Doggystyle." He also added that he had been exposed to the album at six years old because he grew up in Compton.

[via Vibe]

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