Watch Marc Ecko Talk About New Book and Kanye West on "The Breakfast Club"

He also talks about the growth of Complex.

Marc Ecko spoke with The Breakfast Club this morning. He spoke on his recently released book, UNLabel: Selling You Without Selling Out, and talked about what it means to have a personal brand. Ecko also explained the origins of the Ecko clothing line and its current status.

When asked about Kanye West, Ecko said that he has seen Kanye aspire to get into the fashion industry for the last decade, and understands the frustrations the Chicago rapper has had to go through. "Why the hell does he need those gatekeepers?" Ecko asked. He also offered some advice for Kanye, telling him not to undermine the power of selling t-shirts and not to underestimate the power of his fan base.

Ecko uses the conversation about Kanye to talk about how to plan for the future. Saying that people try to visualize their ideal scenarios and how they plan to get there, Ecko explained that going from Point A to Point B in a career requires a zigzag pattern, which involves taking what comes in front of you.

[via Power 105.1]

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