Listen: Justin Bieber "Bad Day"

Bieber's new song is reminiscent of some classic Ice Cube.

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Justin Bieber keeps his Music Monday series going by releasing a new song today called "Bad Day." The song finds Bieber once more tapping into the feelings of heartbreak and emotional loss over a stripped down guitar-based track. "But I didn't think you'd let me down that easy," Bieber sings on the song, which many are speculating is once more directed towards feelings he might still harbor for ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The song interpolates "Footsteps In The Dark," by The Isley Brothers, which was famously sampled by Ice Cube on "It Was A Good Day." Replaying the sounds with an acoustic guitar likely sounds different enough to not require a payment to the original sample owners.

This is now Bieber's fifth release in his Music Monday series, as he continues to promote his upcoming film while touring in South America.

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