Premiere: Watch The Skins New Video for "Bury Me" f/ D.R.A.M.

Brooklyn five-piece The Skins share the video for "Bury Me" featuring D.R.A.M.

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When The Skins lead singer Bay Li was writing "Bury Me," she was in the wake of a break up from a toxic relationship and tapped out of self-love. So when director Ariel Fisher shared the treatment for the video, she jumped at the chance to fictionalize her experience and rewrite it as something dark, powerful, and seductive.

"I’ve gotten past that point in my life, I’ve grown from it, I’ve evolved from it," Bay Li told Complex over the phone. "So, for the video to come off strong, like, 'even though you’re kind of fucking with me, I like it, I can take it, I’m a woman, I’m strong.' I think that’s dope and I hope people feel that vibe." They filmed in Brooklyn, using props like bondage collars, pierced orchids, and a muscle car stuffed with flowers to set the tone. The song's featured artist, D.R.A.M., flew out to film the video, and meet the band in person for the first time.  

The five-piece tapped him for the feature because of his versatility. "I think as millennials we’re so obsessed with being like, 'Don’t label me! You can’t put me in a box!' When it comes to genre and sound, we like to experiment, we like to play, and D.R.A.M. is someone who you can’t really say, 'Oh, he’s a singer, or a rapper, or he's gospel or hip-hop,' he’s all of it. That’s what really resonated with us."

Part pop, part soul, with undertones of rock, The Skins sound developed out of experimentation. Three of the five bandmates are siblings, and the youngest is still 17. “My siblings and I are black kids out of Bed-Stuy who have rock roots that inform the dynamic pop music we play and write,” explained Bay Li. Furthering honing in on their specific blend of influences, the group wrote a new EP called Still Sleep. Check out the "Bury Me" video above, and stay tuned for the forthcoming EP out Friday Dec. 16. 

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