Desperados And Mount Kimbie Turned A Train Into The World's Newest Musical Instrument

Music experimentation taken to the next level.

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Desperados have linked up with Mount Kimbie to take music experimentation to the next level.

The drinks brand teamed up with the electronic duo to create 'Train Trax', turning an ordinary train in Warsaw into a gig scene for fans from across the globe.

The train was rigged to become one of Mount Kimbie’s instruments, shaping the track they recorded live. External RFID sensors were placed at specific points on the train track, so when the train passed them, a sensor onboard converted the signals into musical notes, which the band integrated live into the music. 


The crowd had an active role, by interacting with some of the train’s features like the lights onboard and cameras. The speed of the train also dictated the BPM of the bass drum itself, so when the train sped up, so did the beat of the music.

The result of the experiment is a live train remix recording of "Synthi", a new track due to be released by Mount Kimbie later this year.

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