300 Entertainment Boss Lyor Cohen Reveals Young Thug's New Name

In a new interview, Lyor Cohen revealed that Young Thug now wants to go by, "No My Name is Jeffery."

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For the past several years, the man born Jeffery Lamar Williams has been making tremendous waves in the music world rapping under the stage name Young Thug—Thugger for short. Just ahead of the release of his upcoming project Jeffery later this month, the Atlanta native looks to be on the verge of making a name change. 

In a recent interview on the Rap Radar podcast, 300 Entertainment boss Lyor Cohen revealed that Thug has decided to switch things up. "Young Thug is not going to be Young Thug anymore," Cohen said. "His new name is going to be 'No My Name Is Jeffery.'"

He continued,

The reality is, when you see this commercial, you're all going to understand what we do here at 300. Because it's powerful images of what makes someone Young Thug and what the evolution and how someone is Jeffery. It's a circular thing, it's important. "No, My Name is Jeffery" is on it's way. Please respect us to actually segue and utilize his name going forward because it's important.

Cohen's claim was later backed up by Thugger's sister Dora who sent out this Tweet:

Young thug real name is "JEFFERY" he's not changing anything it has already been his ...

In addition, the full track list for the upcoming project from the artist formerly known as Young Thug has been revealed. "No My Name is Jeffery" decided to take the Life of Pablo route by sharing a picture of the handwritten track list on Twitter. Just like his last critically acclaimed mixtape Slime Season 3, Jeffery looks to be keeping things pretty concise at just eight songs total.

You can listen to Lyor Cohen's comments about Young Thug's name change in the audio clip embedded below. 

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