Chris Brown Posts Videos Slamming Allegations He Trashed Vacation Home

Chris Brown posted videos to Instagram to refute claims that he and his crew trashed a vacation home in Ibiza.

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Chris Brown is fighting back against the claims the he and his crew destroyed a vacation home in posh Spanish Island, Ibiza. The R&B singer took to Instagram last night where he posted videos explaining the whole situation and touring the house. "This was probably ten minutes before we left to go to the airport," he began. "They called the police, they did all kind of things without even being in the house. They allocated all different damages that are nonexistent."

Brown then went on to complain about his perceived persecution at the hands of those who seem to think they can pile on to him because of his nefarious reputation. "Once again slandering my name," Brown said. "It's easy for them to believe it. 'Let's put Chris Brown's name in it so people can automatically assume,' because I don't automatically have the benefit of the doubt for you f---ing 'fans' or people out there."

This latest scandal for Brown kicked off yesterday when TMZ obtained a police report that detailed that the house the singer and his entourage were staying at was totally trashed and knives had been thrown at the walls. On top of that, the report claims that there was vomit everywhere and that someone even peed the bed. The landlord is alleging that damages from Brown's stay run as high as $60,000.

"It's petty, it's unnecessary, it's unprofessional," Brown said near the end of the video. "I don't conduct myself like that...We turn up and we have fun. We ain't no f---ing animals bro. At the end of the day if you want to muscle somebody else, muscle who you going to muscle." He concluded by stating rather definitively, "Good luck on that money, holler at Ascot. We ain't tear that house up."


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