Calvin Harris Was Reportedly Involved in a Violent Car Accident in L.A. and Ducked Medical Care

Following a violent car accident, Harris reportedly checked himself out of the hospital when he wasn't allowed the use of a private room.

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EDM superstar Calvin Harris was reportedly involved in a pretty major car accident last night in Los Angeles. According to a report from TMZ, Harris, who headlined Coachella just last month, was riding as a passenger in a Cadillac SUV sometime around 11 p.m. when his car was struck. His SUV was hit by a 16-year old girl who was driving a VW bug that crossed over the center line, coming at Harris' vehicle from the opposite direction and plowing into it. One of the passengers in the Bug was reportedly sitting on her boyfriend's lap and was ejected from the vehicle, suffering a broken pelvis.  

For his part, Harris received multiple lacerations to his face, which were reportedly severe enough that he was taken by paramedics in an ambulance to a local hospital. Once there, TMZ was told, Harris demanded to be taken to his own private room. After he was told that such accommodations couldn't be met, he removed himself from the gurney he'd been laying down on and left the facility against the advice of the medical staff. 

There's no word yet on Harris' present condition, or whether or not he made his way to another hospital or surgical center to be attended to. Both the driver of the VW Bug and the passenger who was ejected were both admitted to the hospital as well. At this time, there haven't been any reports of any criminal charges being filed for either the driver of the Bug, or the SUV that Harris was being transported in.

We'll update this story as further details become available. 

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