What The Hell Just Happened In Music This Week?

M.I.A. Skyped in Julian Assange, everyone heard Eminem's album, and both Drake and Kanye West were Kanye West for Halloween.

This week was crazy.

Chance The Rapper goes on 106 & Park, asks to call Bow Wow "Bow."

Date: October 28

"It's safe to say that Chicago's breakout newbie Chance The Rapper is having the best year ever. After getting critical acclaim with his Acid Rap project and even getting Lil Wayne to cosign him on Dedication 5, Chance made his way to 106 & Park today.

The as-yet-unsigned rapper stopped by the show and emitted his cool, if a little awkward persona, eventually winning over the crowd, and a bewildered Bow Wow, who Chance asks if he could call 'Bow' for short. The outpouring of love from the industry for Chance can only mean big things as he continues his grassroots ascendance to rap royalty."

Justin Davis

International Fugitive Julian Assange Skyped In From the Ecuadorian Embassy In London To Open M.I.A.'s Concert In New York.

Date: November 1

"Much truth was spat during her concert last night at New York's Terminal 5, starting with the opening act, Julian Assange, who couldn't make it in person since he faces all manner of threats—ranging from assassination to international extradition—for various unauthorized disclosures published on his fearlessly truth-spitting website Wikileaks. Assange delivered his opening remarks vis Skype chat from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, which has granted him political asylum for the time being. It was a perfect gesture of rebellion from M.I.A., whose father fought with Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers and whose latest release is named for a Hindu goddess of music and learning with special powers that include vanquishing enemies of the people by skillful use of supreme knowledge."

Rob Kenner

Rick Rubin went back to his college dorm room where Def Jam started. His beard reminisced.

Date: October 25

"In a career that spans over three decades Rick Rubin is considered one of the most important producers of this generation. His track record speaks for itself. From Jay Z to Johnny Cash he's been instrumental in shaping the sounds of our favorite artists. He's also earned a long list of accolades including Grammys in the 'Producer of the Year' and 'Album of the Year' categories. And to think, it all started in a dorm room in Weinstein Hall at New York University 30 years ago.

As you can see in the photo above, the 50-year-old executive returned to the birthplace of Def Jam Records, which he founded in 1983 alongside Russell Simmons. He's sitting on a comfy twin size bed with photos plastering the wall behind him. It appears the place is now home to a young co-ed with lots of friends. We wonder if this person knew, before moving in this fall, that the very first Def Jam single, T-La Rock's 'It's Yours,' was created right where they'd be keeping that floppy-eared stuffed dog."

Edwin Ortiz

DMX met Woz. In turn, everyone's respective Truman Show boats hit their respective paintings.

Date: October 30

"So you may have heard, rapper DMX and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently ran into each other at LAX. It was easily one of the most awkward (and by "awkward" we mean "epic") meetings of all time. There's an uncomfortable handshake, followed by DMX getting Woz to agree to participate in an actual robbery with him. Yes, a robbery. Neither actually knows who the other is, but damn if this isn't pure comedy."

Jason Parham

Lou Reed, who did not invent rap in 1972 with his song "Walk On the Wild Side," but who was nevertheless extremely important and influential to, really, all the new types of music that have emerged since around that time, died.

Date: October 28

"Lou Reed was not, as some people liked to say, 'the original rapper.' (The ghost of Gil Scott-Heron should visit anyone who says that he was over the next few days and wash their mouth out with soap.) But Reed, who was 71 when he died yesterday of complications stemming from liver transplant surgery he had in May, leaves behind a legacy to rival that of just about any musical artist of the past 50 years—in the language of today's rankings-obsessive cultural observers, he was in 'The Pantheon'—and his sphere of influence definitely reached into rap."

Dave Bry

R. Kelly showed up three hours behind schedule for a concert in New Orleans, played one song and left. And some people in the audience thought that it wasn't even him, but rather an impersonator in a disguise (a.k.a. "The Old MF Doom Switcheroo.")

Date: October 29

"R. Kelly was scheduled to perform at 10 p.m., but he did not appear onstage until 1 a.m. that evening. Fans claim he lip-synched one song and then abruptly left. Some believe it was an impersonator and are now demanding a refund from concert promoter Ced Johnson. After initially texting KNOE that he would offer refunds, Johnson is now denying the claim. According to his Facebook event, Johnson says a statement will be released soon on what actually occurred Saturday night.

A representative of R. Kelly contacted Pitchfork and confirmed that he was at the event. They also clarified that he was billed as making an 'appearance' and not actually performing for the night."

Edwin Ortiz

Kanye West's tour was postponed because his giant TV got broken.

Date: October 31

"TMZ is reporting that Kanye West's Yeezus tour has suffered a major setback due to a truck crash. The truck was carrying a custom-made video truss and a 60 foot circular LED screen. Neither of these objects can be repaired, and are essential to Kanye's stage show, and so Kanye has temporarily put shows on hold while he gets new set pieces constructed instead.

The postponments start with tonight's show in Vancouver, which was already a previously-rescheduled show from October 20. Meanwhile, the show in Anaheim, which was previously scheduled for tomorrow, has already been pushed back to December 13."

Dharmic X

Drake was Kanye West for Halloween. Zero people were surprised.

Date: October 31

"Even when he's working, Drake has time to enjoy the finer things in life, such as Halloween.

The Toronto native had a show tonight in Washington D.C. as part of his Would You Like A Tour? tour, but he took some time to partake in the Halloween festivities by dressing up in a costume. And of course, Drake decided to dress up as Kanye West by donning a makeshift gold mask. His caption on Instagram read: 'I win the backstage costume contest every time #LightSkinYeezus #IAmAGod #IconicShit #HomeMadeDonda #AllPraiseToTheGenius.'"

Dharmic X

Everyone heard Eminem's album. They felt certain ways about it.

Date: November 1

"In keeping with the retro theme hinted at by 'Berzerk,' 'Love Game' is a throwback; the Wayne Fontana sample was flipped very similarly by Prince Paul on De La Soul's classic 'My Brother's A Basehead.' And for fans of Eminem going in as he did on 'Rap God,' 'Love Game' is one of the most intricately written rap songs this side of Lupe Fiasco. 

No doubt lyrical heads expected an outright battle between the two MCs. Instead, conceptually, 'Love Game' is one of the most straightforward tracks of Em's career, and a timeless concept: Love makes you want to do crazy things. The rappers are paired together to make a song about frustration with members of the opposite sex—and proceed to rap with hypertechnical competitiveness anyway.

Kendrick's verse is more oblique than Eminem's two, and more furtive in its attempt to conceal meaning. Its references, as in many of Kendrick's verses, are guarded and scattered—not unlike, perhaps, the ambiguity of the relationships described in the song. Kendrick holds his own, although it must be said that Eminem's writing circles around everybody these days."

David Drake, on "Love Game."

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