Would You Rather See Kanye Make an Album With Drake or Jay Z?

Our staff weighs in on whether they would want a Kanye/Drake or Kanye/Jay Z album.

Kanye and Jay Z

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Kanye and Jay Z

Kanye West's feature on Drake's More Life has rekindled interest in a collaborative project between the two, which got us thinking: Kanye/Drake or Kanye/Jay Z? More Calabasas? Or Watch the Throne 2?

Several of our staff members weighed in on the question, which you can check out below. Which collaborative project are you more excited for? Let us know in the comments section.

Ross Scarano

I think that there's a universe in which Kanye pushes Drake further into unexpected musical places, a place where Drake pushes Kanye to rap better than he did on the majority of TLOP. But I know that the more reliable pairing is Kanye and Jay—especially given the recent events in Kanye's life. The second child, the robbery, American carnage—Jay is better equipped to help 'Ye process these things on wax. I vote WTT2.

​Zach Frydenlund

Give me Kanye and Drake. We've heard Kanye and Jay Z. As I wrote on Complex Music today, "Glow" proved they can be a versatile duo together. This is the unknown. Let Jay's next album be a solo project. He has plenty to say with that. Let's hear what Kanye and Drake have to say together. 

Russ Bengtson

Even though Kanye/Drake might be the flavor of the month, I'd much rather hear a second installment of Watch the Throne with Kanye and Jay Z. The problem with a Kanye and Drake pairing to me is that they both tend toward lyrical introversion, and I worry they'd just wind up rapping alone together—kind of like Drake and Future did on the highly anticipated but so-so executed What a Time to Be Alive. Say what you want about Jay's lyrical prowess in 2017, he has a way of engaging 'Ye that not many are able to duplicate. I'd like to hear more of that.

Angel Diaz

Jigga and 'Ye, 100 percent.

They already have a track record together unlike Drake and Kanye. What do those two have, like three and a half songs? Jay and Kanye made Watch the Throne, a borderline classic, doggy. I'm not sure Drake and Kanye have it in them if we're going based on the songs they've put out.

Brendan Klinkenberg

On the one hand, a Kanye x Drake collaboration makes a lot of sense. It’s the master with his successor, a dynastic passing of the torch, and on paper their styles should mesh perfectly. But I think “Glow” is one of the lower points on the generally excellent More Life, and while the notoriously egomaniacal Kanye is often rapping about himself, that’s almost always in service of a big idea.

Drake, on the other hand, is an expert at distilling his personal experiences into universal aphorisms, not taking thematic swings. There’s a lot going on right now in Kanye’s America—Trump, race, and fatherhood—and looking at the busy, ambitious WTT with the benefit of hindsight, it’s Jay Z you want at his side to talk about it all (if only for a sequel to "New Day"). Drake and Kanye could make a great record together, likely filled to the brim with beautiful songs; I’d rather hear something ambitious. 

Frazier Tharpe

Taking chances is nice. Safe bets are better. Kanye and Jigga have a proven track record of alchemy that spans decades, that culminated in a modern-day classic. 'Ye and Aubrey have... "Glow." We're only talking about a 'Ye/Drake album of the basis of a meh song and the fact that Yeezy is obsessed with the idea that he unwittingly ceded the title of Best Out to Drake—and wants to reconcile that through collaboration.

Jay Z, on the other hand, could give a shit about levels and thrones that he's conquered. All the more reason to put someone as energetic like Kanye in front of him to put the battery in his back. Because to be honest, post-MCHG, Yeezus, and Pablo, and all that's happened in their lives, a WTT sequel would be far from redundant. Both G.O.A.T.s could use a little competitive inspiration from each other—no need to take Drake's line about "Throne should be the three of y'all" seriously. Last I checked, real Gs don't need invitations.

Edwin Ortiz

I'm usually the type that sides with the familiar, so here's me going against the grain. Kanye and Jay gave us a borderline classic in 2011; we're about six years out from that. I don't think 'Ye and Jay would be able to replicate the successful formula that took place on WTT. And while Jay is the G.O.A.T., Drake is rapping better in 2017. Plus, I'd much rather receive a solo release from Jay Z instead of a collaborative project.

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