Complex Staff Picks: Our Favorite Songs and Albums of 2019

We’re celebrating the end of year with some of our favorite songs and albums. Here are the Complex staff's personal picks for best songs and albums of 2019.

Complex Staff Picks 2019
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Complex Staff Picks 2019

We’re just days away from the end of the decade, and list-making season has finally come to an end. For the past two months, the Complex staff has argued in countless meetings about the best music of 2019 (and how to rank it all). Of course, this isn't a perfect process. To make comprehensive staff lists like this, each of us have to make compromises about own favorites. So, after publishing our Complex year-end lists earlier this month, we’re ending the year by sharing our personal top 10 lists for best songs and best albums. Check out our full 50 Best Albums of 2019 and 50 Best Songs of 2019 lists if you missed them, and continue for some of our personal staff picks below.

Eric Skelton

Eric Skelton

Jessica McKinney

jessica mckinney

Shawn Setaro


Damien Scott


Edwin Ortiz


Frazier Tharpe


Angel Diaz




Waiss Aramesh


Lucas Wisenthal


Kemet High

kemet high

Katherine Shelby

Katherine Shelby

Deborah Cardoso

deborah cardoso

Ben Felderstein

ben felderstein

Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson

joseph patterson

Grant Rindner

grant rindner

Tara Mahadevan


Brad Callas

Brad Callas

Trace William Cowen


Joe Price

Joe Price

Brian Josephs

Brian Josephs

Xavier ‘Tigg’ Hamilton

Xavier Hamilton

Zach Dionne


Eric Diep

Eric Diep

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