The Game Led His Fans in 'F*ck 6ix9ine, Fake-Ass Blood' Chant in Slovenia

A lot of rappers don't like 6ix9ine.

The Game in LA

Image via Getty/Chelsea Lauren

The Game in LA

It seems like 6ix9ine is almost everyone's target. On Friday, a video emerged of The Game at a concert in Slovenia during his European tour, where he led his fans in chants of, “Fuck 6-9,” and the chorus, “Fake-ass Blood.”

The Brooklyn native responded to The Game on Instagram on Saturday morning: “I turned 'Gangsters' into clout chasers.  invite all y'all to my dick. A kid with rainbow hair got the whole industry now aggravated.”

His caption continued the diss, “SUCK MY DICK. I literally come to everyone city when y'all say don't come. Pullin everybody card.. y'all stay in y'all hometown I TALK SHIT FROM NEW YORK ALL THE WAY TO YA CITY. I move around.”

6ix9ine openly reps the Bloods like The Game, who isn’t the only one who has an issue with 6ix9ine. YG’s most recent song “Suu Whoop” can very well be construed as a diss towards 6ix9ine: The line "I ain’t with the pink-haired Blood shit" can easily be connected to 6ix9ine's rainbow-colored hair. Back in February, Trippie Redd and 6ix9ine were also beefing online, and that same month, 6ix9ine was also involved in a brawl at LAX.

While the two situations weren’t connected, they both had to do with 6ix9ine’s ties to the Bloods: According to XXL, Trippie alleged that 6ix9ine called the Crips for protection in New York, after he was attacked. The altercation at LAX purportedly stemmed from L.A. gang members threatening 6ix9ine online, because he hadn’t checked in with the rival gangs while touring.

6ix9ine has been a largely polarizing figure, particularly after it was reported that he pleaded guilty to use of a child in a sexual performance, which arose from an incident that happened when he was 18.

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