Watch Sexyy Red Google 'Vulva' Mid-Interview: 'I've Never Heard of That'

Sexyy Red and host Caleb Pressley also debated a handful of alternative names for the St. Louis rapper's fanbase.

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Sexyy Red expanded her vocabulary in the latest installment of Sundae Conversation.

In the 6-minute interview, Barstool Sports host Caleb Pressley asked the St. Louis native if the word “coochie” is a “medical term,” referring to her infamous “Pound Town” lyric, “My coochie pink, my booty-hole brown.”

She responded, “No, that’s just something we say in the hood.” Sexyy Red then asked, “What y’all be saying in your community?”

Pressley told her, “We say vulva.”

“Stop playin’,” she says. “Y’all don’t say that shit. Vulva. I’m finna look up a vulva.” She then proceeds to Google the word on her phone while reading the definition out loud. “That’s a coochie? Oh, I’ve never heard of that.”

Sexyy and Pressley also discuss the name of the rapper’s online fanbase, Hoochie Babies. Explaining the thought process behind the moniker, she said, “’Cause I’m a hoochie mama. I’m they mother.”

Her fans apparently came up with the name themselves, with her explaining that she wasn’t in favor of the name and would have “said some other shit.” 

Pressley floats a few ideas to her, including “the Lobsters,” “the Communists”—another word she Googles—and “the Miranda Rights,” all of which she rejects. 

Elsewhere in the conversation, Pressley brings up the topic of other women rappers: “What about all these other female rappers—you want to kill them?”

“Do I want to kill them?” She shakes her head, “I’m gonna let them keep watching me turn up.”

Pressley’s satirical interview series has previously featured conversations with Drake, Lil Yachty, and Kodak Black. Watch his entire conversation with Sexyy Red up top.

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