Kanye Invites Homeless Rapper Nino Blu to Studio

On Saturday morning, Ye posted a video of himself with a homeless man named Nino Blu, whom Ye apparently met on the street in New York. Nino also just happens to be a rapper, and Ye offered to bring Nino to the studio.

On Saturday morning, Kanye West posted a video of himself with a homeless man who goes by Nino Blu, whom Ye apparently met on the street in New York. Nino also just happens to be a rapper, so Ye offered to bring Nino to the studio.

If Kanye really gets rid of followers and likes that would be crazy.

— Nino Blu (@ThisIsNinoBlu) September 23, 2018

“The universe works in mysterious ways,” Blu says in Ye’s clip.

“My name is Nino Blu and I'm here with Kanye West,” Nino begins. “My birthday was the other day and I just became homeless because the guy at the place I was living with was a little crazy and I'm out here on the street and Kanye is bringing me into the studio right now.”

Nino continues, “He heard me rap. He says I have good energy and he's gonna show me some beats and stuff. I feel extremely blessed. I feel very happy. I feel like God is just looking out for me, right now. I don't really have any words at all to describe what's going on. This feels like a crazy ass miracle. I want everyone to know that if you have a dream or you have anything that you're pursuing, keep going to the very end because you don't know what could potentially happen. The universe works in very mysterious ways. I feel extremely blessed with Kanye West.”

Judging by Nino Blu’s Twitter, he’s originally from Orlando, Florida. He’s also a pretty big Ye enthusiast—his timeline is full of Ye retweets and Kanye takes.

This and the album artwork Kanye West hologram have blown my mind today. https://t.co/f4P2Iej1uR

— Nino Blu (@ThisIsNinoBlu) September 22, 2018

Kanye West just took my demo and I couldn't be happier

— Nino Blu (@ThisIsNinoBlu) September 18, 2016

It looks like Nino has been around the block, though. According to a Reddit thread, he opened up for Kendrick Lamar in 2013 and has hung out with Drake and OVO on the Toronto star's tour bus. Drake even listened to some of Nino’s music. 

Nino’s has appeared on The Breakfast Club and rapped for Envy and Charlamagne, and a user on the Reddit thread shared that Charlamagne and Peter Rosenberg have even expressed their respect for Nino’s hustle and appreciation for hip-hop. It also seems that in 2016, Nino Blu got his demo to Kanye.

Kanye also /took to Twitter on Saturday to also announce that he will now only be known as Ye. 

Ye's posts came the same day he's supposed to drop Yandhiand perform on Saturday Night Live's season premiere.

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